March 17, 2009


I am in love with this weather! It has been sooo gorgeous out! We have spent a lot of time outside playing basketball, drawing with chalk, blowing bubbles and Matt is currently setting up the trampoline. Landon has been fishing a few times already (at the nearby ponds), so he is thrilled about that, he even caught 2 fish today apparently! I'm currently sitting on my bed with the window open enjoying the quickly cooling breeze, lovely!

We had a great time on Saturday night at church. Watching people scramble for the overflow chairs was almost as comedic as the commic himself! The church was PACKED, I can't even guess how many people were there or how far over code they were!

I have a lot scheduled this week. As you can tell from the top I had a doc appt yesterday, baby and mom are both doing great! I have another one tomorow, this one in Holland though, and then two more next week! Only 7 weeks left, and the best part is there was "mention" of possibly going one to two weeks earlier than that! I'm not sure how ready I am, because as "fun" as this has all been, I'm worried it's going to be MUCH harder once she comes out and needs to eat and be changed and rocked and cries! Getting nervous about that part now!

Not much to update really, but I do have some pictures to share...
What we do when we need silence for a minute... turn on the tv. Such a terrible mom huh? Did I mention how much basketball we have been playing? He is obsessed! He dribbles the ball around the house, shoots whenever possible, if he doesn't have a ball, he pretends to dribble and shoot...
Look at the trees budding... spring is near!
St Patricks day parade downtown Holland!
Switching it up a little bit... D!

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Beck said...

I love the pictures. And you'll get no judgment from this direction regarding the tv. Thank GOODness for PBS kids, I say...

You're KILLING me with curiosity of the name you've chosen... ;)