February 23, 2009


I am just feeling miserable right now! I started getting a cold last Wednesday and it has progressively got worse every day. Last night I slept sitting up on the couch so that I could breathe, and I pretty much have been on the couch for 18+ hours now! E was a trooper today, although I had multiple offers to watch him, he seemed to be ok with watching cartoons all morning and eating ice cream for breakfast with mommy!

We have recently implemented a new chore/point system with the older kids. They earn points for everything they do (including simple things like brush thier teeth, which hold a much lesser value than taking out the garbage since it's something they need to be doing anyway). They can then use thier points for things like watching tv, playing wii, having friends over, and some of the points can even be exchanged for money. They also get points deducted for leaving a mess... coats/shoes out, backpacks in the middle of the floor, bathroom counter all cluttered, crumbs on the table etc. These are things that they are fully capable of doing, I'm not asking anyhthing of them that is to much for them. We actually started the points part way through last week, but the points that they earned last week could be used this week... Bailey already watched the one half hour of tv that she earned and has no points left for the rest of the week, so far she seems unfazed, but when she realizes that she can't watch i-Carly the rest of the week I'm sure she will kick in and actually do something! We'll see how long this all lasts and how it goes, I have a feeling it will be difficult for one of the two children!

I have been failing miserably at taking pictures for 365... but once I'm better I'll start again. I lost all of my pics from January and February on my other computer, including favs like New Years Eve, saying goodbye to Dexter, Great Wolff Lodge... it's been a little depressing, but a great reminder to BACK UP THE PICTURES! I really need to get another external hard drive as I have one filled up, and the other is 3/4 of the way there, I did see they were on sale this week at Target, but with no money to spare it will have to wait!

Well, I'm going to resume my position of resting on the couch and looking like I'm in a vegetative state! It's really bugging me that I don't have a picture to share though... so

isn't this cute? Found it at Crazy8, they also have a cute froggy shirt or sweatshirt for a boy... or check out this monkey... sooooo sweet!


Ange said...

I might have to give that points system a shot with Chase. I may be asking you for more details =)

S Huiz said...

I LOVE that onesie- SUPER CUTE! Feeling better at all today??????