February 12, 2009

No cable, not internet, no phone... what to do!!!

Last night it was obviously a bit windy b/c at about 9:30 our cable went out. We have a bundle deal, so that means the internet, tv and phone were all out! Whoa! That was a shock, what do you do w/o those things???? Talk, read, take pictures, edit pictures (w/o the constant interruption of having to look at another website), laugh, start BSF lesson... the possibilities are endless (just not every night please)! Matt just LOVES it when I take his picture, can't you tell!!!!

Matt was the one reading a book, I won't even tell you how long it's been since he's read a book, but let's just say there is a reason this picture may end up framed on my shelf!
Here we are discussing shutter speed (I was quite impressed with his knowledge... he does listen to me!!!)
I've been told that readers of my blog may never even know I had a husband if they didn't know me... well here is the proof people! He's alive, well and my dear sweet husband!
(Told you I would post these hun, not that you could really doubt me!)

**Oh, and Becky these were all taken at 3200 ISO, not to bad I guess**


S Huiz said...

Wow! Shocked that Matt let you take so many pictures of him! :-) And the most obvious answer to your question..what to do when all those go out...it was 9:30- GO TO BED! :-) Sleep..aahhhhh.... I'm addicted these days!

Beck said...

Holy catfish! I'd never have guessed these were shot at 3200.... cue camera envy. (Thanks a lot, Lynette... don't you know I need a new computer first?!)

I remember when I used to take pictures of Derek. Poor guy had his last portrait taken the day before we had little E. :)

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!!