February 24, 2009


Just online looking for haircut ideas for Bailey... and these are some of the great ideas I came across (in case you too are in the market for a new style)...
Sarah, I see you pulling this next one off... I think it would look fabulous!
Kari, you could kind of copy Sarah, but with your own twist by going with this next one!
And I of course was thinking this for myself, what do you think?

**Update** Wouldn't you know it... the girl (Bailey) likes this last one! Were off to get the haircut in a little bit, and I promise she won't look like this!


Nina_VK said...

Those are HOT! I can see you all sporting those styles! ;-)

S Huiz said...

I sort of like that last one- so I'll let Kari do the other all by herself!