February 25, 2009

365 and Facebook

Some 365 pictures:
These paints are the BEST! Much less mess than normal paints. They are made by Crayola, the paint is in the brush... Elliot loves them too!
Landon's class periodically has "Charecter Assignments" for homework, the most recent of which was to write a "love" letter to your mom and dad... this is mine! I'm keeping the inside private b/c it was oh so sweet! Matt's kind of made me laugh!
And, from today, the best snack EVER! French Vanilla Cool-Whip with Blackberries (or raspberries, depending what's on sale or looks better!)

You have to watch this... hilarious stuff! (Caution, the language isn't exactly desireable, so be prepared when you hit play, make sure there are no kids or sensitive ears around)


The Grotenhuis' said...

OMG that video is the best. I really am speechless b/c I'm somewhat leary of facebook, yet can't stop. Oh, what to do!! Luckily I don't have a real shady past (I dont think) ;-)

Nora said...

I love it! The video was great. Although, for someone not using facebook for 40 more days, it was a teaser! :)

Nina_VK said...

That video is HILARIOUS!OMGoodness, so funny! Those blackberries and cool whip look soooo yummy too, BTW. I might have bet me some blackberries. ;)

S Huiz said...

Those paints look cool- might have to get those in the near future. And I just got some raspberries and blackberries today at Sam's...but no cool whip! Very sweet note from Landon. AND I CRACKED UP AT THAT VIDEO!!!!!!