February 21, 2009

Another season is over...

We had a basketball game BRIGHT AND EARLY this morning... way to early for a Saturday for sure. It was thier last game, and the one that determined the winner for the league. Unfortunately this is the one game that his team lost, my opinion (not that it matters at all) is that they all went into it to seriously, once it didn't matter anymore and they started having fun, they played pretty well, but that doesn't matter, it's over! They had a great season overall! (They came out 2nd in the league)

After the game we had a couple of hours to waste until Bailey's soccer game, so Landon and I went to check out Dimitri & Cobe's soccer game, we didn't stay the whole time so I don't know the results of that, but it was fun to finally see a game, this is the first one we were able to watch b/c of the busy and conflicting schedules.

Then after lunch Bailey had her last soccer game. She played well, I think the game ended in a tie and although they always say that they don't keep track of score and scoring isn't important, somehow they walked away with a 2nd place ribbon! I will post a pic or two of her later once I get them downloaded!
Added... a few pics! The first is Bailey's friend Riley, the second is my dear girl kicking the ball!

My brother and sister-in-law are coming over for burgers tonight, hoepfully they make it safely in this lovely winter storm we are having! YUCK! Tomorow it's been decided that we will be going to church and then out for lunch at El Rancho afterward! If you haven't heard of it or checked it out yet, make sure you do! Very yummy Mexican food! It's on the corner of 31 and Riley, where Bigby/Beaners coffee used to be! The salsa is a bit spicy (my favorite kind), the chips were warm and the entree was delicious! Yummmmm, I can't wait!!!!


Nina_VK said...

Have fun with your brother and SIL! I am happy to hear that El Rancho was good. Eva has a field trip there on Tuesday with her "spanish school" :) I never even noticed it until Thursday. We'll have to check it out! :)

Have a great weekend!

Nora said...

I am soooo jealous that you are getting El Rancho! I think twice in one weekend is too much so I will restrain myself tomorrow. That is a cute picture of my girl. Thanks for posting it :)

S Huiz said...

Thanks for coming to the soccer game- glad it was such a great one to see- haha! Yay for Landon and Yay for Bailey! And she DOES look aggressive in that picture- she is going for it!!!!! Hopefully you're feeling better today!!??!!