February 5, 2009


Just downloading some pictures from Bailey's camera... some of what I found...
Nothing to say about this one...
Tom (Matt's dad) playing Twister (I know you'll see this Tom, just for you!)
B & Me

Tonight we have Landon's basketball game and then we have to pack for Landon to go on his overnight field trip tomorow. He will be gone until Saturday afternoon. Matt will probably take Bailey out tomorow night (the girl thrives on one on one time) and then Saturday we have a soccer game, pick up Landon and the kids will go to my dad's house at night and Matt and I can go out, not sure what we will go do, maybe see a movie, there are so many out that I want to see, but we haven't been to a movie in forever, I think the last one I saw was Kit when it was the free movie at Holland 7, maybe that ws in October, and just Bailey and I went to see that! Can't wait to get out with my husband, it's been to long again!

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S Huiz said...

I think Bailey is following in her mother's photographer footsteps!
You are welcome to join us Sat. night!!!!