February 9, 2009

Our weekend in words..

Friday morning Landon left for Chicago with his class, the other fifth grade classes at his school and the fifth grade classes at one other school (yup, that's a LOT of 5th graders, 4 charter busses full). They went to the Field museum and then spent the night at the museum of science and industry. Sounds like there wasn't much sleeping going on, but he had a GREAT time!

Matt took Bailey out while he was gone, they went to see the movie Hotel for Dogs. Bailey thrives on one on one time, her attitude get's so much better when she get's it, so this was a great time for her! WHile they were gone E and I played with the viewfinders, magna-doodle, and played a lot of kick and basketball and football!

Saturday we slept in late and then took Bailey to her soccer game. They tied thier game 2-2, Bailey has definately improved this year as far as actually going after the ball and trying to kick it. It's getting to be fun to watch! While there we got a phone call that Landon's class was back at school, it was time to pick him up! So, right after the game we rushed over to get him, and insisted that he take a nap when we got home. He insisted that he wasn't tired, and then proceeded to sleep for over an hour, or maybe it was two, who knows!

We took the kids to my dad and Mary's house around 4:45 so they could spend the night. We had no big plans for the evening, which was a very wierd feeling. We didn't have to rush off to go anywhere, we didn't have to rush home to get kids... it was in some ways wonderful!

We ended up going to Grandville, shopping a little bit (looking for a cute little outfit for miss xxxxx, we had a little luck, but it's not what I was looking for). We ate dinner at Fridays (Yummy). Both the mall and the restaurant were SUPER busy, it's hard to believe the economy is as bad as it is with how many people were there!

Yesterday after church we ate a yummy dinner that had been preparing itself in the crockpot all night (so nice not to have to cook)! I went out to look for some material all by myself and ended up at Old Navy (Great baby/kids sales right now). Then later Matt, Elliot and I went for a walk. It was a little chilly, but E was soooo excited to get out of the house! After church we had noticed that Bailey had a fever, so she was in bed for the day, she never threw up or anything, just had a headache. She is home again today, no fever and quite honestly I think she is 100% recovered, but I figured she could use a day of rest (we'll see how much resting she get's though).

Nothing big going on this week, Matt is excited to watch a movie on Friday (right dear????), Bailey is going skating with Maddie and then Landon has 1 1/2 basketball games on Saturday and Bailey has a soccer game (not til noon). Church is offering babysitting at night to raise money for a mission trip for the middle schoolers, so we may take advantage of that, not for sure yet though, we aren't big Valentines Day celebraters, and I actually don't like going out on the holiday b/c it's soooooo darn busy. We'll see!


S Huiz said...

Glad Bailey is feeling better. Everyone can use a day of rest every now and again- some of us more than others. Haha

Glad you found an outfit for my daughter. Couldn't let her go naked or anything.

We'll have to come see B in action soon- I'll have to see her being aggressive to believe it. ;-)

I was looking forward to hearing about the story of the goodness of strangers that you mentioned in your last post. Was the movie good? Haven't heard of that one.

Kari said...

I honestly was considering the babysitting thing at church too- but just don't get into Hallmark holidays! Glad Bailey is feeling better, she was definitely not herself on Sunday.

Jennifer said...

I understand about children improving their attitudes with one on one time. Jeffrey is like that also. Maybe it's middle child syndrome? He's nasty rude and then you get him by himself and he's awesome! Not sure what's up with that!