June 12, 2008

third time is a charm... right?

I have tried posting three times now but lost connection as I hit post each time, this WILL work though!

Keeping this short...
We are in Cadillac camping
Bailey has had a fever for two days (she feels better today luckily and even tubed!)
Elliot has been sleeping in a big bed for naps! May need to purchase one for him when we move!
Landon's baseball team lost thier final game today w/o Landon there! we were planning on going for Tomorow and Saturday's game b/c they were FOR SURE going to win tonight... so now we are not heading home tomorow. Bummer!
Looks like a violent storm is heading our way, but hopefully will just barely miss us!
The only reason I have internet at all is because we are next door to BK! (Smells "great")
Off to watch the storm again adn get this posted!


Missy said...

Have fun! Good luck during the storms....keep those "irrational" fears at bay! I would be a mess!

Mary said...

I saw the weather and it looks like its coming close to you. Watch and be careful. I am sorry that Bailey has been sick. So cool that Elliot is sleeping in big bed. Do you think that he really would stay in one at home. How cool would that be not to have to put up a crib in the new house. hmmm-your little man is growing up way too quick...Enjoy the rest of your vacation---I would rather be in your shoes than mine with a garage sale happening tomorrow....Have fun!

Sarah said...

Bummer about Landon's team- it was hard for me to watch them lose! Glad Bailey is feeling some better and can enjoy most of the camping trip. Hope nobody else gets it! Tubing sounds like a blast! Yay big boy Elliot!!!! Take cover if that storm heads your way- they are showing tornado watches north.

The Grotenhuis' said...

I hope you're having fun camping! did the storm miss you? Lets hope so. Just wanted you to know I still have 3 little kittens looking for a home. I really think Bailey needs one :)