June 28, 2008

Is it really Saturday..

where did the week go? We have been super busy as usual (do you get sick of me saying that...)

The kids were going to VBS at Faith this week from 9-11:45, Landon wasn't going to go, but he saw one of his friends from his class there and decided it would be ok... SWEET! That meant almost three hours with just E and I! Not that the older two are difficult or anything, it's just easier with only one!

Thursday we went to a cottage with some friends from Landon's school and had a great time! The kids got to tube (a LOT), we all (ok, not me really) swam in the lake and just enjoyed the sun and the company! We were all exausted when we returned home but that didn't mean we could slow down. We pulled in the driveway, Landon jumped out, put on baseball clothes and I dropped him off late to practice! I took some pictures for a friend after practice and then we all crashed!

Up again Friday morning for the last day of VBS. In the evening I decided to take the kids swimming where they also got an unexpected pre-dinner ice cream treat! (Thanks Carol, they loved it!!) We then stopped to pick up a pizza (close to 8:00) for dinner. Just as we were pulling up to the drive through window it started pouring! I was drenched just from opening the window! On the way home I ended up pulling into a parking lot it was raining so hard! But that didn't last long, I got impatient and started going again. Slowly but surely we made it home, only to get drenched on our way into the house. Good thing we all had bathing suits on still.

Today was a lazy day. Bailey and I were in our pj's until about 1:00. We did some cleaning around the house and some laying around. It was so nice! I do feel guilty though, with all the work Matt has been doing!

I went out this evening to look for a birthday present for Landon (nothing like waiting til the last minute) but had NO luck, so tomorow we HAVE to find something! It may require a trip to Grandville unfortunately! Just what Matt wants to do on his day off!

House stuff: we got cabinets delivered on Friday, love them! We decided on a laminate floor (Bamboo, just like I wanted)! Matt is priming everything right now, hoping to paint trim on Monday! Paint colors are decided on, EJ is going to help me with a mural on the living room wall before she moves away! The mantal is put together! The basement is taking shape! I got a bedspread for our room! Hopefully soon I will have some pictures that I can share!

Ta! Ta! for now!


Beck said...

Wow, what a week! VBS... nice.

I can't wait to see house pictures! Is it far from where you are now?

S Huiz said...

Great bedspread! Happy Birthday tomorrow Landon!!!!! Can't wait to see your house coming together- sounds pretty.