June 23, 2008


I need help. I truly have cooked twice in about 2 or more months. Once was taco's and the other was chicken, broccoli & a bottle of General Tso's sauce with rice. Nothing special, just what we had. So, I think I've lost all memory of how and what to cook. I'm trying to make a grocery list and can come up with NOTHIGN! I'm SUPER crabby right now too so that isn't helping, nothing sounds good to me at all. So anyway, give me your dinner ideas, recipes, whatever! I've already tried my trusty All Recipes.com and can't find anything there either. I really need help!


Ange said...

Here comes the Tastefully Simple consultant in me...there are a ton of great recipes on tastefullysimple.com...you can choose by category or even put in your favorite product and find recipes to make with it. Good luck!

Bethany said...

I don't know if you have a slow cooker but this recipe is wonderful. Don't forget the sour cream and tortilla chips. And it is even better as leftovers for the next day:

Sarah said...

Shoot! If I were home, I would love to go through my fav recipes for you, but since I'm not... they aren't handy! I could spend hours pouring through my recipe cards and books- one of my favorite pasttimes. Hope you found something delish to serve b/c it is now 7:00, so you probably already had to figure something out. Take out anyone???? :-)