June 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home

And it's not even raining or storming here! We had storms again Saturday night before we left, nothing like Thursday night though!

all in all, we had a great time, besides the hours we spent in the bathroom with sleepy babe's! I hope to have some pics prepared for uploading tomorow sometime, the floods were CRAZY I tell ya, you just have to see pictures to believe it!

So, although I hate to divulge this information, I see that Sarah did it for me... I had a birthday on Saturday... a BIG birthday too... 30 years old. Yup, I said it and will NOT say it again! I feel so old! I logically know that that number is not old, but it's not 20's anymore, ya know? Oh well, life goes on... and we all get older!

Today was all about cleaning up and putting away... great times! Great fathers day too... poor Matt! We did go out for dinner together, all freshly showered (much to the enjoyment I'm sure of our fellow diners), and then to my dad's house for birthday cake and fathers day celebrations. It was just our family and them so nothing really big! Matt's mom had left me a gift on the counter which included a patio umbrella, something I've never had... can't wait to use it at the new house!

Tomorow is back to real life! Carson is actually coming in the morning while his mom goes to the hospital to feed her baby (who is in the nursery still, but hopefully coming home tomorow). We miss the little guy and I hear that he misses us too! At some point I need to go pay for All-Stars for Landon at the Rec office and then our church's VBS starts at night, so it will definately be an exausting week! But fun!

OK, I NEED to go to bed! I barely ate any of my dinner b/c I was just to exausted and here I am still on the computer! Hopefully I'll be back with pictures tomorow!


Missy said...

Welcome home! Glad you had a good time on your trip...storms and all. Hopefully now we'll have some nice weather for a bit. I LOVE the new pic on your page of your family. It's awesome! 30 is tough isn't it. I think I had more of a problem with 31 than 30 weird huh! As my dad says though getting another year older is better than the alternative:) Stinks to think of it that way but true!

Sarah said...

Have fun at VBS- thought about sending Brooks and Cobe, but I think Cobe will be whipped each day from soccer camp. Are you helping?

Ange said...

Happy belated 30th, welcome to the club! Glad you guys survived camping...and I love the profile pic too!