October 1, 2008

Random mumblings...

mumbling is about all I'm good at today... after 19 hours in bed you would think I would be coherent and clear minded, not to mention awake, but that's not the case. I had the worst migraine EVER (for me) yesterday, I was literally in bed from 1pm (tuesday)-8am this morning. Feeling better today, aside from the major exaustion! That's life!

While in bed I watched a bit (bits and pieces between sleeping) of Oprah yesterday and manged to bawl. The founder of Susan J Komen was on along with various other cancer survivors. Christina Applegate w's as on too, talking about her choice to have a mastectomy, which is the part I really wanted to watch, but I'm pretty sure I missed that part.

E went to the doctor today. He weighs 29 pounds 6 ounces, is 34" tall and got 2 shots (one being a flu shot), I think we would have made it through one shot without tears, but two was to much for him, but with the promise of a new piece of gum, we were good to go!

E's favorite game is "Pocket Rosey" (know what that is???), which may be why I got the migraine yesterday, we played about 30+ times.

For anyone needing more camera memory... here's a GREAT deal for you. And.. here's a link to the 8gb Compact Flash card (if your looking for something else you'll have to search yourself). Seriously great deal, I'll probably buy more than I will ever use, just b/c it's SOOO cheap! The rebate comes in the form of a visa card, so don't expect cash, but seriously a visa card is just as good as cash in my opinion, you just can't put it in the bank!

I had an appt with my endocronologist on Monday in (past even) grand rapids. When I mentioned that I was pregnant thier reaction was "Well, this will be a short appt then, we no longer see diabetic pregnant patients". Oh joy. So now I get to go to maternal fetal medicine next monday. Not thrilled with the whole process really, I HATE driving to grand rapids quite honestly for doctor appointments. Hopefully I won't have a ton of appointments with them and can do most everything at my regular ob.

OK, that's all I can think of for now... although I know there was more. Maybe after a nap it will all come back to me!


Sarah said...

Oh no! So sorry you had such a bad migraine. And that sucks that you have to go to GR for those appts. Make sure you call me to watch E when you have to go. :-)

Kari said...

That is a long time to be in bed, but obviously you needed that. If you ever want company for the ride to GR- give me a call!