October 11, 2008

Football success and meet Hermie...

or Holly as Bailey is calling him/her while at our house!

This is Bailey's class pet, and although I totally forgot to pick him up on Friday we figured things out and ended up getting him. This is definately the kind of pet to have! I told B if she could be responsible and prove to me that she wasn't scared to touch it/hold it she could maybe get one. I WILL NOT touch it or hold it, so it's ALL her! He has had a bath and hung out in his cage since he's been here. While he has come close to coming out of his shell, hasn't fully done it yet, we'll see if we get to see that at all before Monday!

Landon & Matt won another football game. That brings thier record to 2-3. The final score was 24-7. The final two football games are always a little better I think, the teams are scheduled according to thier record so you don't have a team that is 4-0 playing a team that is 0-4 (does that make sense)? The important part of this story is that #14 (which is Landon) scored one of the four touchdowns! I was at the game, I promise, but didn't realize this fact until we were all at home and Landon told me. I was there, how did I miss that? Thankfully that is a portion of the game that Matt's dad was successful in videotaping, so I did get to see it on tv later! I'm so happy for him/them!


Nina_VK said...

Yay Landon--how exciting! You got yourself a football star! Cute football pic too!!

S Huiz said...

How did I miss this post???? CONGRATS to Landon!!!! Yay- a touchdown makes the season complete!!!!!! And YUCK- I had a hermit crab growing up- they DO start to stink after awhile! But maybe that was because I never thought to give my hermit crab a bath?????? How do you bathe a hermit crab???? I have to see that!