October 14, 2008


The doctor appt went as well as could be expected. I saw the "other" doctor that was seeing patients, so that helped a bit I think, although I think it was intentional on thier part b/c of some things that were said... oh well, I don't care! I don't have to go back for 2 weeks this time, and next time I go back they will do an ultrasound (yay!!, I just love to see the baby grow).

I truly do not want to be a complainer, I know I have a good life and things could be SOOO much worse, but I've been struggling with quite a few headaches lately. Typically when I pregnant I don't get headache's at all but for some reason they seem to have gotten worse with this pregnancy, so prayers would be helpful.

I get to go see my regular doctor tomorow, which means I should be able to hear a heartbeat, which at this point is all I want, just to be reassured that all is well!

On a totally different and abnormal subject for me on this blog, I am offering mini family photo sessions on October 25 (I realize this is coming quickly, sorry) along with Christmas cards if anyone is interested, please feel free to contact me: lynettebell@chartermi.net !

Busy week this week, I have the doctor appt tomorow, and then on Thurday I get to go on a field trip with Baileys class (we get to walk FOREVER, should be fun), then Friday I have Rock-n-Bowl with Landon and Bailey is having a friend over overnight, Saturday is football games and something else which I can't think of right now... I'm sure it's written down somewhere though!


Jennifer said...

I think I may see you Thursday as I am also going on a field trip with Katie's class to the Zeeland Museum! Yipee! Will Elliott be at Mary's? Josh will be there!

S Huiz said...

I am sure you are glad to see a different doctor~ no matter what the reason! Hope your headaches go AWAY- far, far AWAY!!! Sorry you are struggling with that.