October 28, 2008


We just had the most delicious Pumpkin Pancakes for dinner, with Pecan Maple Syrup, all homemade by me! I saw it on the news Sunday morning and had to do it! Just add pumpkin (from a can) and pumkin spice to your pancake mix and cook as usual (just not to long like my first one... don't look so good black! I also topped with a few white chocolate chips while cooking! The syrup I just boiled some syrup with some pecans (notice lot's of "some", there are no measurements). Topped pancakes with syrup and a scoop of whipped cream (vanilla was my choice) and ENJOY! Soooooo good! (I said homemade, I meant with the help of cans and boxes)

I'm stuggling with child troubles again. Not that it ever got better really. The child (who will rename nameless) was hiding food in her dresser. Toast no less. Apparently she made some for breakfast, decided she didn't want it so she stored it in her dresser. I only found it because I was showing her dresser to someone. So, upon her arrival at home, I asked her about it... she admitted to it. I told her to go write down her three ideas for a punishment that would work. (After MUCH deliberation myself for a few hours this afternoon with no success, wanted to make the punishment fit the crime... couldn't think of anything). So she sat on the couch and wrote some things down and brought them to me.

This was her list:
1. I have to eat the food (she meant that she had to eat any food she took downstairs in the future... I thought she meant that she had to eat the food I found... LOVED that idea! LOVED it!, more on that in a minute)
2. Sit on couch until 4:30 (15 minutes)
3. I can't bring food down there (which she isn't allowed to do anyway).

I loved number one so much that I decided to go get the food from downstiars and have her eat it. She was not thrilled with me to say the least, especially since that isnt' what she meant. I headed down all excited (is that bad to say that I was excited to torture my child like that???) only to find that the dog had already eaten it when I locked him down there this morning. BUMMER! But, I had her scared, so I just made her clean off her dresser, but don't think it will happen again, and if it does you can guarantee she WILL eat it!

As far as discipline goes, the child doesn't respond to much. We've taken everything away from her, like literally cleaned her room out... doesn't faze her. I've made her write lines/sentances... she asks for more when she is done. I've tried soap, but that is only good for a few situations, and fortunately her language/talking back isn't normally an issue. I'm always looking for new creative solutions if you have any!

Bailey and I saw the movie Kit Kitridge American Girl this weekend... soooooo good! I highly recommend it for boys and girls alike! It's a great movie about the depression. It came out on dvd today so you may be able to get it at Blockbuster or whatever your movie rental place choice is!


Missy said...

Wow, you weren't kidding you were on a pumpkin kick! It does sound good. I am so sorry but I giggled through your "anonymous" child story. Sounds SOOO like mine. I'll have to brainstorm and tried to remember what worked. She came home from school one day to find only a bed in her room, everything gone and that didn't work either. If I remember what did I'll let you know!

Sarah said...

Bailey, Bailey, Bailey- clever AND sneaky- WHOA! :-) I love that girl! Don't feel like a failure- she is a perfect angel in public and with others. That means YOU ROCK as a mom!!!!!

And next time, don't be so selfish with your pumpkin things- share the wealth! :-)

Kari said...

Good to know you enjoyed Kit too! I'm looking forward to watching it. Your pancakes sound delicious! I might have to try that!