October 25, 2008

Current favorite's

(this isn't lining up so perfectly as far as pictures with words, but you get the picture)
This one is just for Missy... can't BELIEVE you've never been here! We may have to have lunch some day! THE BEST pizza and salsa... eaten together of course! So yummy & cheesy... DELICIOUS! And, just found this site, which would give you a GREAT coupon (although I haven't tried it myself, just stumbled upon it... the page also give good information and hours for the restaurant!)!
My skin gets SOOO dry in the winter. Very itchy! I've decided to put an end to it right away, so I purchased these two items! So far it seems to be working, with another layer of lotion after the shower, which if your counting means 3 layers of moisturizing!

Picked this up at the store the other day... it's heavenly! I keep snugging up with E's blanket b/c it finally smells good! I'm normally a dryer sheets girl, but I think I might like this fabric softener stuff!


The Neuman's said...

I LOVE the almond creme fabric softner too!!! =-)

krissy said...

I'm gonna have to go smell it while grocery shopping. thanks for the tip.

Missy said...

I LOVE the fabric softener and the Olay lotion. I've never tried the in shower lotion though, I'll have to do that too. I have the same problem with dry skin, it's terrible. And yes, I'm thinking we'll have to take E and Kendall out for lunch one of these days so I can try that place out!

MandaKay said...

LOVE Marios - thanks for reminding me to head back that way again SOON!!!

Nora said...

You have to stop talking about Marios! I get hungry everytime I read your blog. I too will have to smell the fabric softener next time I am out.