October 18, 2008

end of football

Well, the last football game was today and ended with disappointment (a loss), but the kids had a good time and Matt & Landon at least enjoyed the season! I'm thrilled to have my weeknights back with my family and maybe sleep in on a Saturday coming up.

After football I wasn't feeling the best so I took a little nap and then had to take more engagement pictures of my brother & soon to be SIL. We drove around quite a bit, and I have not looked at most of the pictures, but as I was downloading saw this one... which I like! I have a couple other sessions to do before I finish editing thiers!

I think I'm off to bed with the assistance of an Ambien, I try to not take it every night, but I think tonight would be a good one to get some good sleep!


Nina_VK said...

Cute photo!1 We must have just missed you!1 :)You have two brothers??

Mary said...

What a good looking couple! I hear that YOU had fun in the "pumpkin patch"!