May 31, 2008

What a relief... kinda!

I made some BIG purchases today... and I'm kinda sick about it, do you ever get that? I purchased a dining set, a bedroom set and a sectional couch (tried typing "sofa" there, but it's just not a word I use). I think we are set on the big stuff for a little while at least!

My problem is with the dining set, I know what it looks like and I know that I liked it when I bought it, but I keep trying to picture it and coming up with something absolutely hideous! A BIG black oval (we did buy black, but it's NOT an oval) with chairs that have BIG round backs and BIG round seats, neither of which is the actual case, they are very far from that in fact! But, it's making me SICK just thinking about the ugly picture I have in my head! Lucky for us the place where we got the bedroom set and dining set will store it for free until we need it and the couch won't be in for 8-12 weeks so HOPEFULLY we will be in our house before then!

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S Huiz said...

Did you buy the sectional after I talked to you????? Congrats on your purchases! Nice to have that behind you I'm sure (Since it is still in front of me!!!!!) I was Snow White as well- but I didn't agree either with the description. :-)