May 11, 2008

Busy busy busy...

Saturday morning bright and early Landon had a baseball game, he played against Cobe (who is on 2nd in the below picture) and had his first loss! Bummer!
Next was the parade in the afternoon, we headed down there aroun 1 and got home around 4:30 (I think...), the kids seemed to have a lot of fun!

Then we went to my parents house for pizza from Mario's! SOOOOO yummy, my absolute Favorite pizza! The kids played for a while then we headed home. Last minute I decided to go out with EJ and her boyfriend to the Intersection to watch a concert by Mega 80's! Super! I LOVE LOVE LOVE 80's music so while I was totally outside my comfort zone I still had a good time. I definately want to go back with a group of friends soon (stay tuned)!

Today was Mothers day, I was able to sleep in for a while this morning! Then church, then lunch/breakfast at DeeLite in Grand Haven! Definately one of my favorite breakfast places.

AFter lunch we came home and had a quick nap, then we went to celebrate mothers day with Matt's mom! Now we are home and vegging for a bit before our busy week starts! HOpefully you had a wonderful mothers day!

Bailey & the Angry Eyebrows!

Oh yeah, and isn't my husband great! I got ferns for mothers day for my front porch (a tradition), which are beautiful! And, now he is cleaning the whole kitchen for me! Something he does quite regularly, despite the very sore wrists, but I still appreciate it so much every time he does it! One less thing I have to do in the morning! I love him so much!


Mary said...

Thanks for the great Mother's Day for me. I love being with all of my kids and of course I love Dee Lite Restaurant too. The food is yummy....Thanks again for the gift. I can't wait to go shopping at Weekendings!!!!

Beck said...

Aaahhh..... we, too had a busy and GREAT mother's day, celebrating with both sides of the family as well as enjoying some down time this afternoon. And bonus... no eee diapers for THIS mama. :) I love the pic of Bailey with the plant, by the way.

See you at BSF tomorrow, hopefully. Last one! Crazy!

S Huiz said...

Glad you had a great day! Great pic of Cobe and Landon together- can you email it to me? Thanks!

Bethany said...

So funny that we took a picture of the same clown in the parade. :)
Great minds!

Nina_VK said...

Lots of photo opportunities last week it looks like. Great pics from fun!!!!
Happy belated Mother's Day!! :)

Missy said...

Never seems like mother's day is relaxing enough does it! Glad you had a great day. Your pics are awesome, as usual!