May 20, 2008


I've had the pleasure of babysitting today, a little itty bitty baby... this baby actually! What a little peanut and it is definatly fun to have a baby around for a little while, but I'm sure that I'm done having kids too! It's a lot of work and absolutely nothing has been done today, the only reason I can do this right now is b/c she is sleeping on my lap! For about 2 minutes at a time at least! Elliot absolutely LOVES her, he is so gentle and sweet with her, but that's not changing my mind!

Baseball tonight, I get to work the concession stand, Matt is taking a break from work to come see the game. Another LONG night w/o Matt, I knew I was in for this, but didn't think it would be so hard or be quite so sudden! Oh well, we'll have a new house in the end!


S Huiz said...

Have fun at that concession stand- take a hat so you don't have to wear a hairnet like I did!!!!!!

Missy said...

Awww. A baby! I love watching babies. BUT, I am finally to the point when I love sending them home too! 3's good, I'm done!

Jennifer said...

Concession work- what fun! You are a very good mom to do that for your children! I am not looking forward to this type of duty! I do like the hairnet look though!