May 13, 2008

10:00 Thursday

On Thursday we close on our house, on Friday Matt is tearing the roof off, with a little help from some friends! We (the kids and I and Kate) get to go to a Whitecaps game on Friday night, so I get out of doing anything, but then Saturday I get to start tearing off wall paper, my favorite thing ever to do... isn't wallpaper a WONDERFUL thing? So, if anyone wants to help, feel free! Were grilling Saturday night/afternoon too! Salmon and something else, not sure what yet. So yeah... feel free to stop on by!

Today was a busy day. I went on a field trip to Greenfield Village and Henry Ford museum with Landon's class. We had to be at school at 6:30am and got home around 8. It was a beautiful day to be at Greenfield village. The highlight of Landon's trip was riding on the train adn riding in the model t! We are both exausted, although Landon wouldn't admit it b/c the Pistons game is on and it's a close game!


Missy said...

Sounds like a fun, but long day! Congrats on the house, sounds like things are moving along well! Good luck on Saturday, I have a great spice rub recipe for grilled salmon if you are interested! It's awesome!!!! Good luck, I don't envy you stripping wallpaper. Yuck!

S Huiz said...

It is New Groningen night at the Whitecaps Friday night- we might just see you there!

Beck said...

~I love Greenfield Village, especially Edison's labs, and especially the bottles lined up on the wall in Edison's lab.

~I love stripping wallpaper (the biggest piece I can get... you know, a personal challenge) and would totally come and join your party if my brother weren't getting married. :)

~Something else I can't remember. :)

Ange said...

Congrats on the new house!

sarahreck said...

I will plan on being there to help strip wallpaper and whatever else you can keep me busy with. When are you starting?