May 9, 2008

House stuff

One house done, one to go! We closed on my grandpas house today... and hopefully we sit on the other side of the table (figuratively) on Thursday! (And remove the roof and re-roof the house on Friday and Saturday)!

Yeah!!!!!!!! When we got home though (1hr drive) we had a message on our phone that the title company was hoping they had caught us before we made it home so that we could come back and sign a paper that they had forgotten. They called an hour after we left, how were they thinking we would turn around????? CRAZIES!!! We will have to do it over email or fax I guess!

OK, so moving on to new house stuff...
your opinion please!
a) light floors (laminate) and dark cabinets
b) dark floors (laminate) and light cabinets

Trim color: right now it's dark old wood, not nice dark but old dark. We will probably end up painting it and while I like the look of white sometimes, I'm not a fan of it in my house as it get's really dirty, so I want something different...
a) tan trim/doors etc
b) black high gloss

Colors we are leaning toward are a bit modern, green/blue/oranges (sounds crazy now I know, but nothing is set in stone and I have pictures I'm basing this off of).

So, weigh in...


MandaKay said...

Congrats on the closing going smoothly!

Trim: I love our cream trim, but at work we are currently moving down a floor and getting a whole new space and we are painting all the trim black. It's pretty much painted, but I can't really tell ya how it looks until I see the whole finished project. My only suggestion - do a matte instead of high gloss black.

Flors/ Cabinets: Light floors darker cabinets. I HATE our wood floors (laminate), and I think it's because they are darker cherry and show everything!

Have fun picking all that stuff out - sounds like fun!!!

Beck said...

Dark floors/ light cabinets is what I'd lean toward not having seen the colors... and oh crap, now I can't remember the other options...

Nice pictures!

S Huiz said...

Wow- you personally will be removing roof and re-roofing a house???? Or you hired someone to do it????? I didn't realize you were closing so soon- time flies when you are having fun! You know my opinion on the floors/cabinets as well. I think cream/tannish trim wouldn't fit the "industrial" look you are going for- so see how Amanda thinks her office looks and if she says it looks nice, I'd go for black- would go with your more modern look better I think. Love the dandelion picture- maybe it's because I'm DRINKING THE ROOTS right now that I have a greater appreciation for it! Haha No really, it's a great picture!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

I like both ideas for the floors. I really like the idea of black high gloss for the kitchen cabinets. Sounds really modern. I also really like white, but am tired of cleaning it! I'm glad Bailey did well at her game!

Missy said...

Congrats on the house! How exciting. I agree with Amanda, white trim is a pain, it's always dirty! I have seen black trim and I love it. I love our dark wood (laminate) floor, they show a little more with streaks (if you use a mop) but they hide a lot of the normal every day dirt! I also have dark cabinets (yes, dark floors and dark cabinets) and I love it. Depending on how much light will be in your room the dark cabinets can show more in the way of streaks from cleaning but look beautiful. I had white before and will never do white cabinets again!

Your color choices sound beautiful to me!!! Sounds a little like my house!

Bethany said...

I am terrible at sticking to one common theme in houses, so I will just say that the thought of black trim is pretty cool.
Also love the dandelion photo.