May 30, 2008

Obstacle Course Fun

I have a feeling our summers will be filled with lot's of these... the kids LOVE when I make one for them. Neighbors, friends, they all love it! We change it up every time, running, math problems, unscrambing words (which is what they were stuggling with here), blowing bubbles, pushing lawnmowers, wheelbarrel races, filling one bucket with water from another, guzzling a can of pop, jumping rope, shooting baskets, throwing frisbees, footballs, skateboarding, quite a wide variety. Most races consist of about 5 activities, so they aren't terribly long, but long enough! It's quite fun to watch them!


Beck said...

What a creative momma! Sounds liek a blast, and the picture proves their rapt attention... neat post. :)

Bethany said...

Cute idea and you seem to have really captured the moment!

S Huiz said...

Love the shadowing effect around the picture- very cool- looks like it could be for a movie ad or something.