September 30, 2009

Lila's Lovin'

Seriously, the first four months with Lila were ROUGH. Really really rough. But it's all better now! Life is good. She is a very very happy baby. Just looking at her makes her smile soooo big! It's so wonderful! Everyone (including Lila) sleeps in thier own bed at night now, she takes approximately 3 naps per day (sometimes more), goes to bed around 9ish and sleeps until approximately 2am, then until about 6am, then again until about 8:30. It's not terrible!

So anyway, the lovin' part! She knows her bedroom. She knows that it means bed. Whenever we walk into her bedroom now, she looks up, looks around, looks at me (or matt) and then throws her head into our chest to cuddle. Like she's saying, "No, don't put me to bed, just let me cuddle with you". I just love it! Unfortunately the child that couldn't sleep without being held for the first 4 months of her life rarely ever falls asleep while being held now. Now she has to be swaddled really really tightly in order to sleep, with her blanket on the right side of her face and her sock monkey on the left side and her quilt covering her legs (b/c they don't swaddle all that well). She's particular, which can be a pain, but hey, just over a month ago I had to go to bed when she did. I'll take whatever at this point!

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