September 3, 2009


Imagine my shear joy when I saw a show on the food network dedicated to my favorite food of late... BACON! (Yup, I'm yelling that one).

Seriously, I was in heaven.

OK, so it was staring a very cheesy Brian Boitano. But it's bacon. So that part didn't matter.

And, there were corn muffins. With bacon.
Sounds heavenly!

So, this evening I made them. I baked an entire pound of bacon for these muffins. OK, so it only called for 8 slices. I made 16. Don't judge.

In the end, I WASTED an entire (half) pound of bacon on these muffins. Ewwwwww. And now were out of bacon in the freezer. And I'm sure my husband will NOT be quick to restock. He can't stand that I LOVE bacon. Doesn't think it's good for us. What could be bad about bacon? Mmmmmmmmm!

Ready, set, EDIT SARAH!!!


Nora said...

You crack me up!

Sarah said...

I'm laughing WAY TOO hard to edit right now! I'll be back later for that task! Don't think I"m judging, but a pound of bacon every now and then may not be so bad, but A POUND OF BACON EVERYDAY-I agree with Matt- not too good for you! (And I was yelling too!)

Sarah said...

PS- I'm sad that recipe didn't turn out- they look delicious! What went wrong? I have bacon here if you need a fix. :)