September 29, 2009

I'm losing it...

My memory is fading. I don't know whether to blame it on the arrival of baby #4 (resulting in not sleeping through an entire night in 9 months, including pregnancy) or the lack of ovaries. My long term memory is still great, but my short term memory is TERRIBLE. I've been embarrased by my lack of memory more than once. I feel as if I come across as incompetent or, quite frankly, stupid, because of it. I'm just hoping it doesn't get much worse! (But I don't forsee a full night of sleep anytime soon, and there isn't any estrogen returning either...)

That said, I know that I had a GREAT idea for a blog post earlier today, but opted to take a short nap instead of blog (at least my priorities are still in check), and so now the idea has blown away (it's been windy enough to blow my whole memory out the window and across the state... maybe that's what happened), more than likely to resurface around 4:00 in the morning when I'm laying in bed awake after feeding and tucking Lila back into bed. But you can guarantee I WILL NOT be getting out of bed to share whatever it is on this dear blog. So, it will be forgotten again. Oh well. At least I'm remembering to feed my kids (most days... I did forget to give Elliot breakfast last week one day) and shower. The important things.

Enough rambling...
I will show you a cute little headband that I'm in the process of purchasing for Miss Lila:

Its the owl. It's from "Pretty Little Things", find her on facebook and become a fan and check out the other things she's offering. Super cute stuff!

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