September 17, 2009

Girls & Boys

My girls
and my boys!
These make my heart happy! Seriously.

And, a recipe.

Last week one night we had nothing for dinner, so I made something up. And it was GOOD! and Easy!

I had 6 chicken breast, pounded flat and thin
then I mixed up some cream cheese (8oz package) and some (no measurements) chives (although I will be trying this again with some dill, and I'm sure there are other things you could use, or use just the plain cream cheese)
Spread the cream cheese on one side of the chicken breast and then roll the breasts up securing with a toothpick. If your feeling adventurous you can wrap them with bacon (again securing with toothpick), but I didn't think it needed the bacon (imagine that, me turning down bacon). Pour a can of cream of chicken soup over the breasts in a baking dish and bake at 350(ish) for one hour(ish). Serve! Oh yeah, I sprinkled a few bread crumbs on top before baking, but it's probably not necessary!


I have another recipe to share also, but that will come another day! It's a good one. Stay tuned.


Sarah said...

Shouldn't you have titled this post GORGEOUS girls and boys?????

Kate said...

Awesome Pictures!