September 10, 2009

A good mom I'm not...

because if I was a good mom I would have updated this days ago, with pictures and stories from the first day of school. But the pictures are still on my camera, just waiting to be downloaded. I have a ton of other pictures that I have to get to first. I'm a little bit particular like that, I have to go in order, and in order to get to my own pictures I have to get through a bunch of fabulous clients pictures, which take longer than my own. So, it could be a while until you see those.

But, if your wondering, the first days went wonderfully. Landon was just a bit nervous the night before his first day but made it through without any real incident. He couldn't find his first class, and was just a bit late, but made it through the rest without a problem. He's sick of me asking questions about his classes and has had one homework assignment so far, aside from the reading.

Bailey is adjusting very well. She loves her class and is already talking about new friends, as well as old. I love to see this side of Bailey, b/c I remember all to well the Bailey that had to get on the bus to go to Kindergarten with tears in her eyes (as well as her mom's), in fact I think she was sobbing (I waited until I got home to sob), I vividly remember Matt putting her on the bus, because she wasn't going by herself (and quite honestly if he wasn't there I probably would have taken her home to cuddle with all day), good thing for husbands/dads! Anyway, third grade is going GREAT!

Elliot is bored. I think he's having issues with the kids being gone. He spends a lot of time mad at his brother. Yesterday he didn't want Landon to watch "Wubzy" (which is a whole different story) with him when he got home from school . Totally unlike Elliot. He loves his brother and loves to spend time with him. Hopefully we get past this soon.

I'm pretty sure I never posted this, but LILA IS SLEEPING IN HER OWN BED. Regularly. Days and nights. She has to be swaddled up really really tight, but I don't care about that, whatever it takes. She still wakes up twiceish at night. (I know that isn't a word, but it works for this). Sometimes it's once, but more often it's twice. I try to feed her around 9, typically 8:30 though. She goes to bed for the night then. Wakes up around 1:30 and then sometimes again at 3:30, sometimes not until 5:45 or 6. We don't start our day then we try to go back to sleep, while she doesn't have a problem with that, sometimes I do. This morning I did, which is why I'm now rambing on and on and on...

So, that's an update, without pictures. I would love to share a picture, but it wouldn'tbe of my family, so that's pointless on this family blog.

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