August 27, 2009


Let's get one thing straight right from the beginning... I could NEVER EVER homeschool. One, my patience are slim. Two, I have very few patience. Three, I don't have enough patience. Get it?

I'm struggling though. Elliot will be three in just a few short weeks. We opted out of three-school this year. Our other children are young for thier grade, but with summer birthday's it's not a big deal. I was young too. Once. I was young once. Anyway... if we started threeschool now, Elliot would be 4 going into Kindergarten. Only for a few weeks, but four either way. So, were holding him back. Matt's mind is on sports, he wants him to be bigger. My mind is torn. He is SOOO ready for threeschool. SO SO SO ready. But, rumor has it there won't be young fives when he get's there. Anyway, enough mumbling on. We are not sending him to threeschool this year. Not sure about next year either, but that's a different story for a different day.

So, this year while the other two are at school I want to do some sorty of educational stuff with E. When Bailey was little and I was babysitting I had a bunch of resources and activities that I could do. I was as set up as a preschool myself. Now I'm not though, and I seem to have forgotten most of the wonderful ideas that I had. So, this is my plea to you, do you have or know of any wonderful websites with great information for me? I'm not going to go all out, but to have some learning activities would be wonderful!

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Sarah said...

hahahahaha I am still laughing at this post! At your patience statements and the fact that you were young. Once. I was young too. Once. :)

Did you ever find that homeschool site? There may be some homeschool preschool stuff, and there are some great preschool books at Debby and Company- whatever it is called now.

And I think the Young 5's rumor is no longer- they no longer get funding from the state, but ZPS is funding it themselves, so it is sticking around.