August 24, 2009


I'm sitting here enjoying this while my daughter L cries herself to sleep. The pie is heavenly, the crying, not so much.

Bought this for E today to wear on his birthday next month, and got him this to go with it (he'll open the cape)! I think he'll love it, lately he talks all about Batman and Spiderman, not that he has a clue who they are! Not sure what else the little one will get for his birthday, I was thinking maybe one of these, he loves the big brothers, but since his handle bar is turned funny if you hold the bar straight you are guaranteed to turn, it get's a little difficult to ride. Not sure what to get him truthfully, something about being the third child and needing NOTHING makes birthdays and Christmas a little difficult!

And just because everyone needs a dose of chubby baby everyday! On a side note, she is only one pound away from growing out of her carseat! ONE POUND! 4 months old.

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Joanne said...

I'd love to see Norah Hanneken and Lila Bell compete in a four month old "Chubby Baby Contest"!
How do you get anything done around the house, Lynette? I'd spend all my time kissing those sweet cheeks!