August 3, 2009

Jalepeno Poppers...

I have been craving jalepeno poppers. Not sure how it started, but it did. So, the other day I gave in to the craving. They were delicious! For the first time I made some that were yummy. It was a combination of a few recipies. Good and spicy and full of fatty goodness, oh and the important part, they were EASY too! Poor Lila wasn't quite a fan of them, her tummy was achin'... it will be a while until I can eat them again. But you definately shouldn't wait. You should eat them RIGHT NOW!

Half and seed 20ish (or more, maybe 30) jalepeno's.
Brown one pound of sausage (zesty or original). Make sure it's chopped small, I put it in the food processor for a second, but you don't have to.
Mix with one block of cream cheese. (I think I did this in the food processor)
Fill peppers with mixture and wrap w/ 1/2 slice of bacon. (I used the precooked kind, but you could use regular too) Use a toothpick to secure.
Bake in a pan w/ sides at 350 for a while.
(Like those specifics???, sorry, thats how I work)

Enjoy one (or a dozen) for me!

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