August 20, 2009

4 months

Tomorow (Friday) my baby will be four months old.
And you know what happens at four months.
My favorite. (can you read the sarcasm?)

She's been eating cereal for three days now.
I think she's gained weight.
She's 20 pounds now.
Unofficially of course.
We have to wait a few weeks for an official weight check.

Football started this week.
Which means Matt is gone from 8am until about 8pm.
He comes home for lunch still, luckily, otherwise that would be a long time.
Oh wait, it still is a long time.
We'll survive though.

Yesterday we went to feed the ducks.

And then we came home and had ice cream.
And watched Elliot make funny faces.
Remember "Mashed Potatoes"? Well this is "Pickles" apprently. The kids taught him this.
Whatever. I just think he's pretty darn cute!

Oh yeah, and the stocking cap, it's apparently the accessory of choice, can't go anywhere without it. Good thing it's not 90 and humid anymore. 70 degrees definately calls for a stocking cap!


Kate said...

So Cute! When can I come feed her cereal?!?

Beck said...

That Elliot is such a character. I love the pictures you get of him!