April 8, 2009

Spring Break Day 6

We (the kids, Bobbie and I) went to visit my Grandma today. It's been a long time since I was down there, it was good to see her and have time to visit! Although it did mean I missed my nap with Elliot, which has made me very tired, I guess I can survive one day for Grandma!
My grandma and the kids...
Playing with the marble toy at grandmas
My grandma told him he looked like an angel while he was dazed like this... if only she could have seen him a few hours later (see pics below)

Bobbie and I pregnant as ever... her 33 weeks (right??), me 35... obviously we carry differently!
Uncle Josh & the nephews
This afternoon we went to get ice cream at Captain Sundae... I love how both boys have thier tongue out in this picture (although it's kind of hard to see here, the original size is much better)

Awww, look at the "Angel", this is b/c I wouldn't let him have his sisters journal to color in (and maybe because his nap was only 1/2 and hour long)

But it was Landon to the rescue, just what the boy needed (not his mommy if mommy is the one causing the drama of course)

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Becky said...

Why didn't anyone tell me when I was pregnant with Eden to register for a big brother? I'm always causing drama in her poor little world...

Nice pics! I can't wait to see photos of those babies sde by side in several short weeks!