April 25, 2009


Not only is this little girl amazing, but there are other things too...
Its amazing how...
I have had NO restless leg syndrome issues in 4 days... poof, gone!
my puffy feet were gone in just 3 days!
I have no heartburn!
I dont go to the bathroom 6 times a night!
perfect she is!
much the kids love her!
much I love her! How did we ever feel complete w/o her?
much better (think "clean") recovery is with no uterus!!!
wonderful my husband is! Seriously, he is the best!!!! Definately taking wonderful care of me, and this may only be the beginning!

Physically Im experiencing a lot of pain still, the one drug that helped I am apparently allergic to (says the itchy painful rash covering my body) so im back on vicodin which does very little for me. emotionally ive only had a few rough moments. this is the part that worries me the most, but im confident that i can stay one step ahead. did i ever mention i also had a complete hystorectomy too? i have not yet experienced any menapause symptoms, but know they are coming... not sure i can handle all that and a baby (there has to be a reason it doesnt happen naturally like that), but am praying for the best and only mild symptoms...

I wanted to go to landons baseball game 2day, but the weather may force me to stay home and rest... we shall see. he was supposed to pitch, so i would love to be there, we shall see. i think we will run to target after i feed Lila though... unless i fall asleeep...

(sorry about the typing errors (sarah), this is what you get one handed... )


Anonymous said...

Lynette~ She looks like such a beautiful little girl.

I love how during all the craziness of 4 kids you still manage to edit photos. ;-)

Hope you all are doing well. I did not know you had a hysterectomy as well. Oh well, just lump it all together and get it all done at once.

Beck said...

How great to hear about how "complete" your family feels now... and to think you *thought* you were there 9 months ago! (And God says, "HAH!") Hope the recovery and hysterectomy symptoms are mild and manageable... take it easy, momma!

Sarah said...

What a pretty pipe- so lovely and definitely worth the wait! ;-)

Tara Follett said...

What a beautiful family you have! She's perfect. Love the pics.