April 6, 2009

Spring Break Day 4

We had a pretty quiet day today, I would almost say lazy, except I was sooooo impressed with how much my kids did to help out. They both picked three things they could do that would help me out... and did them (have I told you that I discovered my daughter likes to clean toilets??? very wierd child). Then after dinner the two older ones started clearing the table without anyone even asking them to. Bailey was scooping the leftover potatoes into a bowl to put in the fridge, Landon put the pork in a bag... it was AMAZING. I was very impressed!

I also got to watch them play together quite a bit today. I am so impressed with Landon's interactions with Elliot. Really with both of them. Landon and Bailey do fight and argue, more as they get older, but really, I can not complain, I know my brother and I fought much more than they do. They are both amazing with Elliot. Bailey plays with him all th etime, and Landon's interactions are so loving. This picture is of the two of them playing blocks together this afternoon!

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