April 17, 2009


I'm home alone while Matt is fishing for some Salmon to re-stock our freezer. So far he only has 2, but apparently one is a big King, so I guess that's good! And hopefully he will get more before heading in! While he's been gone, Landon offered to take Elliot fishing (with my supervision of course, he knows I won't touch anything to do with it). So, we headed down to the pond (which was quite a hike for big ol' me). Elliot loved it! I took an insane number of pictures, but just going through some of them I came across this one and had to share quick... I'm sure I'll be back with more of the other kids later (YUP, I took pictures of the other kids)!

Edited to add...
Self portrait (on accident, but I kind of liked it):
Landon's "BIG" catch:
Elliot taking a late afternoon nap in my bed today:
Oh, and a funny comment from E today... I had the moonroof open in the jeep and my window was open too (to prevent that terrible noise). Elliot looked at my hair and said... "Your hair is Awsome mom"... obviously it was blowing quite a bit! I was laughing, he is always good for a laugh!


Beck said...

You must find a photo contest to enter this in, so you can WIN IT.


Nora said...

Those are GREAT photos Lynette! I love the comment E made too. I am thinking of you and hoping you have a beautiful little girl in your arms really soon :)