April 9, 2009


I love girl scout Samoa cookies! Love them (can't wait to get mine either), the other day I came across a recipe for making my own, so of course I had to try it! Let's just say that it taste's wonderful, but you HAVE to eat them over a plate, sink, counter, something, because they are sooooo messy. Dipping the bottom in chocolate was impossible for me as the caramel and shortbread layers did not stick together, so basically you take the caramel out, and you crumble the shortbread on top and try to enjoy it that way. They really are delicious, but I don't know where I messed up. I'm wondering if the caramel wasn't hot enough when I put it on top, it was very hard to spread around, so I'm guessing that might be the case! Feel free to try the recipe yourself and let me know if you figure out the problem!
Here is Bailey and Elliot opening the caramels for me!

Matt's been working outside at night putting in a retaining wall around one of the egress windows and Elliot has been sitting in the living room window (literally in) watching him and trying to scare him (Rooooaaarrrrr!)

Bailey get's to go see the Hannah Montana movie tomorow with grandma and Ange and then at night we are going to have dinner with friends, Saturday we don't have much planned, although I'm sure something will come up, it always does, and that's ok, it makes the time go faster (12 more days...). Sunday is Easter and we have a busy day planned for that. In fact that reminds me, we'll probably color easter eggs (much to Matt's dismay) on Saturday! I think Elliot missed out on the fun last year, so this could be fun!

OK, I've almost made it to 10pm, a recent record for me, but I'm tired and need to head to bed! Enjoy the last few days of your spring break!

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Nora said...

The cookies will be here in just two weeks! You can hopefully eat them while holding your new little one! :)