April 27, 2009

end of school year and doctor appts

Miss Lila had a doctor appt yesterday, she is past her birth weight (barely, only by 1/2 an ounce), but they don't typically expect that until 2 weeks old apparently. Oh boy! She looks great otherwise, no concerns or anything! She is still sleeping like a newborn thankfully, so we are both getting some sleep. I have started a terrible habit of sleeping with her, but it's the only way she sleeps and it's therefore the only way I sleep... so whatever! We'll deal with the consequences later!

I'm feeling overwhelmed by all of the end of the school year activities that are quickly filling up my calendar (I know I can't be alone in this). I know we can't possibly all be at everything, but I hate that too. Landon started baseball (although the first game was cancelled due to weather and he will miss his second game due to 5th grade camp). I'm very thankful that they don't have nearly as many practices as some teams, although I'm sure they could use some more! Bailey opted not to do softball this year, which I didn't force the subject at all, we just really don't have time for something that she doesn't really want to do anyway! I am enjoying these last few weeks with the kids in school though, spending time cuddling Lila and Elliot in bed before they are home needing to go places or do things all the time!

Landon leaves for camp tomorow for two nights, he's not all that excited, I honestly thought he would be more, but whatever, he said once he get's there he knows he will have fun. I'm glad it's not something that I have to force him to do at least! Crazy that he will be in middle school next year. CRAZY!

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Sarah said...

I hear you loud and clear on the end of the year activities. I personally feel like too much is crammed into these last few weeks. Brooks and Cobe both have their "big" days on the same day- and I feel horrible missing one to attend the other. Good thing for grandparents! I'm surprised Landon isn't excited about camp. I'm sure he'll have a blast- kids still talk about it all the time in middle school. Good for you napping when you can- nothing wrong with that!!!! Those days will be far and few between soon enough.