November 7, 2008


First though, this picture proves my point in the previous post about the monkey... he even goes potty!
We did carve pumpkins this year, it's just taken me this long to upload the pictures! The kids had a great time, "Kake" (as Elliot refers to her) came over to help us which was wonderful since I just LOVE to carve pumpkins so much! Landon pretty much carved his own ("Electric Bill" and Bailey helped for a little bit (Spider), Elliot even got to help quite a bit with his Mickey Mouse! Thanks Kate for all your help and patience!


Beck said...

First, your kids are getting cuter. How on EARTH is this possible.

Second... what lens did you use to get the first shot of E in the bathroom? I think I know what I need, but I fear I lost the part of my brain that knows anything about photography a couple aof weeks ago. *poof!*

Kari said...

Cute, cute pictures. I love monkey going potty- that's too funny!

Missy said...

Not my favorite event either! The pic of E with his hand in the pumpkin is too cute!

Sarah said...

Yay for Kate! What a heroine! I HATE pumpkin goo- gotta love someone who will take care of that for you! :-) E's curls in the first picture are so cute- and I love how you captured Landon's intense concentration look.