November 14, 2008


My irrational fears are starting to get the best of me as I prepare to leave for the weekend. I won't go into what they are, but let's just say that I should probably have some anti-anxiety meds or something. And, I know that they are irrational, all will be fine. So... while I'm in this mood and was trying to find an audio book to put on my ipod I also came across the book "Last Lecture". I know this book is "old news" by now, but it still strikes a chord within me to live for today.. to not waste time, to make every moment count.

OK, off to try to condense my stuff so it might just fit in the suitcase I have, I am such an overpacker, but have literally got it narrowed down to JUSt what I need, lets hope there are no spills or anything like that... wouldn't be a good thing! Everyone have a great wekend, enjoy the cold weather (or try at least)!


Kari said...

I get that way too before I leave, but I can imagine your fears!! I hope you have a great/safe trip and enjoy the moment!

MandaKay said...

Have fun - I am sure everything will go smoothly!

Nina_VK said...

LOVE the last lecture!! SO much great stuff in there!!

Have a great weekend girl! :)

Missy said...

I hope you got to feeling better quick. I am already starting to feel that way for Tuesday! Somehow knowing they are irrational doesn't help though does it. I hope you have a great trip.