November 7, 2008

Another Friday...

I really can't look forward to Friday's anymore, the mornings just are a bit to stressful for me.

Speaking of stressful, I think Elliot has been having a bit of anxiety lately. Our smoke detectors must be extermely sensitive in this house. They have already gone off 4 times, I dont think the smoke detectors in our other house went off 4 times in the 10 years we lived there. One of the times Elliot was sleeping peacefully in his room when they went off, the next time he was sitting on the potty (trying unsuccesfully to go) all by himself, and last time the poor boy was in his dark room trying to get a diaper for me (all by himself) (not sure about the other time). I rushed in there, turned on the light and scooped him up amidst his terrified screams, he just clung to me, I could not get his arms off me, I just took him to the couch and cuddled him for the longest time, I felt so bad! He is now very cautious about going anywhere by himeself and a common phrase out of his mouth is "not gonna beep???"

Another funny Elliot thing is this monkey he has taken in. I'm kind of starting to wonder about it... it seems to take on a lot of his fears or concerns. The monkey get's hungry, not Elliot, and then the monkey sits on a stool near the table and watches us eat. The mokey sometimes needs pipey (even though e never get's pipey outside of the crib), he will get the pipey and pretend to put it in the monkeys mouth, never putting it in his (wondering if this somehow brings him comfort). The monkey needs to get tucked in at night (even in the middle of the night) and even has his own blankie. The monkey cries sometimes, goes EVERYWHERE with us. It really is cute, I just find it funny that he is two years old and while he has always gotten comfort from pipey and nigh-night, there has now been added one to the mix! Oh yeah... and Bailey has finally come to the conculsion that she won't be getting her monkey back, "because Elliot would probably be pretty mad". Oops, guess you shouldn't give your brother your toys!

Matt and I are going out tonight, for the first time in 3 months or more. (I lost count). Last time we went out we visited home improvement stores which while very exciting at the time, really has no appeal to me now. I think we will probably just go out to eat, but that's fine with me, I just need to get out with my husband! Not sure what the rest of the weekend will bring, the leaves really need to get picked up, but with rain and snow in the forcast that probably won't happen for a while! Once again, the snow has to fly before we get rid of all of our leaves!


Sarah said...

Have fun tonight on your date- ooo la la! :-) Don't forget to plan that weekend away together either. Poor E- it is weird what sets kids off to be scared of things that they originally weren't scared of. Sadie is now scared of her bed JUST because her mattresses are now on a bed instead of the floor. Go figure!

Nora said...

Leaves, Leaves and more LEAVES!!! I am so done with them. All of my neighbors rake daily...really daily! So I feel pressure to do it. I have two very sore, blister covered hands right now. I told Matt last night that I just want to leave the rest to rot under the snow...I am just done caring.

Enjoy your night out tonight, you both definitely deserve it. That is what we usually end up doing too...out to dinner but at least there is no one that has to go to the bathroom right when your food comes to the table! Have a great time and relax.

Missy said...

Have fun on your date night! That monkey story is too cute. Kendall can be that way with her dolls but it has lessened. I don't remember the monkey coming with us yesterday???