November 9, 2008

God's Timing

God's perfect timing has been sooo evident to me this weekend! I was down for a good part of the weekend and Matt was able to pick up the slack for me (without complaining of course!). At one point I was in tears laying in bed feeling quite crabby and I got a phone call from a friend that eventually had me laughing. God knew what I needed at that time and while I feel bad for the reason of the phone call, we were both calmed down (I think) by the end of the conversation and feeling much better. I got some good sleep last night (it's amazing what Ambien will do to help that out) and woke up feeling quite a bit better. I took a nap this afternoon with Elliot, something that the boy has not done since he was a newborn. He's never been a big snuggler when he's sleepy, he likes to go in his bed and sleep by himself (and he does that like a pro, so I'm thankful for that). But he cuddled with me for almost 2 hours, and I loved every minute of it! This afternoon Matt did something to his back and is now having a very hard time moving, much less picking Elliot up or doing much of anything. I'm just so thankful that I'm feeling better so that we are not both down and out at the same time. I hope that he get's better soon, because I like it so much better when we can work together like a team! But I'm so thankful for God's good timing in everything!


Sarah said...

Glad you are back "up." Hoping Matt is better soon- PLEASE let me know if you need help- I can run the kids places or watch them as well. Not a very busy week for me-so ASK if needed!!!!!

MandaKay said...

so glad you were blessed with some "lifters" - I think we all know how much those help in certain times.

Kari said...

Amazing the timing... Glad you are feeling better and hopefully Matt is too.