November 11, 2008

Onions, garlic and other roots

Something about this pregnancy is totally different. I've had boys, I've had a girl and while I feel like this may be a girl, the symptoms I'm having are like none I've ever had. The headaches are occuring about 5 times a week (always bearable, just annoying) which I've never had before and the worst things is that I can not eat onions or galic... the taste causes mild headaches and lingers in my mouth (I know, GROSS) for the entire day and into the next. I'm tasting onion and garlic right now and have a mild headache and could not figure out why... just dawned on me though that I had an everything bagel for breakfast... with dried onions and dried garlic on it (among other things). Seriously, DRIED and I'm still suffering. I'm so glad that I can figure out my headache cues, but I'm not sure I can avoid onions and garlic (I LOVE LOVE LOVE garlic) until May. OK, I guess I'm sure I can if it means I don't have to suffer, but it won't be fun!

I was trying to lay down this afternoon and the neighbor chooses today of all days to come home from work early and pick up his leaves with his lawn mower, right outside my (and Elliot's) bedroom window. Lucky for him E is still sleeping, but I'm not getting a nap today, that's for sure. Probably ok though, maybe I'll actually sleep tonight!

This weekend I am headed to Chicago for a photography workshop and I can't tell you how excited I am! No kids, no husband, no one needing me. I love my kids (and husband) and love being needed, but a break is so what I need right now! We are leaving Friday afternoon and won't be back until VERY VERY late on Sunday. Crazy late actually, but hopefully worth it! The first night we have a "meet and greet" which was supposed to be at 7pm (8pm our time) but just got changed to 9pm (that's 10 our time if you having difficulty figuring that out). Then we have to be at the workshop around 9 if we want breakfast. (I guess that's 10 our time too, didn't think about that). I don't think I'll need Ambien this weekend, I'll be exausted enough to sleep on my own (but I'll bring it anyway to be safe)!

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