April 15, 2010


God is so good! I can't even count the number of times each day that I see his work in all of this. Sometimes it's the little things that are so amazing. He is an AWSOME God! How odd that after having a clean mammogram I would just a week later have an MRI also. Logically there was no reason for the MRI, but God knew. How amazing that it seems so far that we caught it so early, because of the MRI. How amazing is it that I know there are specific prayers being said for me every day, all the time and I know that those prayers are being answered.

So, that said, another praise that I have relating to the previous post is that I found out that I can in fact attend both the appt in grand rapids and the appt in Holland next Thursday. And I'm finding more and more that Holland may be the right option, it seems that even if I go to Grand Rapids, they may refer me to doctors that they have relationships with right here in Holland. I'm SOOO ready to get this done with, if I could check in tomorrow, I would be ok with that!

And, one more praise... today is a GREAT day! I feel great, for the first time this week I'm not in an emotional fog (although I may still be a bit scattered if you talk to me). I don't know whether it's because I'm in denial or because I've just accepted that I have cancer and am going to fight it or the more likely reason, because you are all praying for me. No matter the reason, I'll take a good day!

Sarah & Julie have offered to help arrange meals to be delivered just prior to and after the surgery, if you are intersted in signing up to bring one please visit Ekklesion. Many, many people have offered to help in many different ways, if you want your name added to a list of people who may be contacted when a need arises or notified of ways to help, please email Sarah (huizengasarah@gmail.com) and she or Julie will be in contact with you. I know that so many people want to and have offered to help and I wanted to be able to centralize those names and contact information.

Prayer Requests:
Continued peace and more good days
Clarity for decisions that need to be made
That I would be able to accept help, where and when it's needed
That I would continue to glorify God throughout this, even when things get tough
That Gods comforting arms would surround Matt and the kids constantly as well

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