April 20, 2010


~At the risk of sounding like a broken record~
I find myself several times a day looking at the Ekklesion site.  Just looking at it.  Just the fact that it filled up so fast overwhelms me in the BEST way!  You are all COMPLETLY amazing.  I don't think I've realized how very blessed I am until this all happened.  It's sad to me that it takes a situation as terrible as this to realize it.  Not because of lack of care and support but because of my blindness to seeing it.   So, once again, because I don't know what else to say, THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!

I just read that a family at our church has a small child with a brain tumor, please keep them in your prayers as well!  I would rather go through this 1000 times over than have a/my child experience even a small piece of it. 

Today I had pre-testing at Holland Hospital, as many of you know I had always planned on having a mastectomy to prevent cancer, but hadn't gotten around to it.  As I was sitting in the room I realized that I don't know if I would have ever gotten around to it.  It's a major surgery, I'm scared of how I will look afterwards, now I'm just being forced to do it (and I'm still scared, imagine that).   The nurse I spoke with said that they have me scheduled for a 6 hour surgery, much longer than I had anticipated, but I guess I won't know when I'm done if 5 minutes passed or 5 hours!  Poor Matt though, 6 hours in a waiting room is a LOT, I told him to feel free to leave though, I'll never know and why would he sit there that long!

And... just because I feel like this blog needs a little more joy!

Bestest friends... worm hunting!

And this little beauty will be one tomorrow!  ONE YEAR OLD!  Wow!


Anonymous said...

We had so much fun with Landon tonight...he kept everyone singing and laughing! Happy Birthday to beautiful Lila tomorrow.

Praying like crazy over here!
Laurie, Ted, Toby & Quinn :)

MandaKay said...

What a blessing Lynette - by time I had checked the Ekklesion site it was full! I hope to drop off some Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls at some point though if that is okay - a yummy breakfast for you guys! I don't know if you'd want one of my dinners anyway - totally not spectacular! ;) Thinking about you guys a ton and praying!