January 8, 2009

Pictures... finally

I finally got my camera out again today, for something other than Christmas parties... it was wonderful!

Tomorow Dex has another (probably last) vet appt, the kids don't know quite yet, we'll tell them tonight, I'm torn, I feel really bad and guilty, but know in my heart that there will never be a time when it will be easy and that this is the best choice!
Mayci was here today playing with Elliot... she is all girl (and absolutely sweet I should add)!

Elliot just loves to play with her, and yesterday he had Brecken over to play too, which he also loved! But the downfall to all this playing is that he took only half an hour nap yesterday and NO nap today! He's only 2 and there is NO WAY that naps are going to be over for him. NO WAY!!!! Kinda funny though was when he told me that he slept for "2 hours mom"! (There is no way the child slept for even 2 minutes so I'm not sure where he got his information from...)


Nora said...

I will be thinking about you tomorrow.

Kari said...

I'm so sorry about Dex. I will be thinking of you tonight when you both will talk to the kids about it, and tomorrow as well. ;(
Let me know if you need anything.

Beck said...

Sorry about Dex... that's never an easy choice for a pet owner, but it's the loving choice! :( Hope the kids (and you!) are okay tomorrow.

Love the pictures... good to see you're shooting again!

Sarah said...

So sorry about Dex-I know you and the kids will miss him. Have fun at GWL- hope it eases the pain some!