January 16, 2009

Let the games begin...

Putting schedules on here... if you are planning to come to a game and need to know a location, please contact me using email or phone...

Landon's Basketball Schedule
January 17 11am
January 24 9:45am
January 31 11am
February 7 8:30am
February 14 11am
February 21 9:45am

Bailey's Soccer Schedule
January 17 1pm
January 24 9am
January 31 1pm
February 7 12pm
February 14 12pm
February 21 1pm


Beck said...

Wait a minute, how does that schedule even WORK?

Oh and p.s... I'm a little peeved that this post isn't about SOMETHING ELSE I WILL NOT MENTION. You're leavin' me hangin' here, man.

S Huiz said...

Nice that most of the games don't overlap- I'll have to get places from you for one that Cobe doesn't have a conflicting soccer game.

Kari said...

You should remind everyone that they ARE indoor games. hehe J/K Only I would ask a silly question like that!