January 19, 2009

4:30am... wide awake... again!

Pregnancy is not being good to be as far as sleep goes. Pretty much I just don't sleep, or at least I don't sleep all night long. I've been awake since 3:30, finally decided at 4 to get up and do something, b/c watching Brady Bunch wasn't putting me to sleep either. I have to go to Grand Rapids for a doctor appt in the morning (in a few hours) and hate that I'm not sleeping good before driving. (Me driving and not sleeping is just not a good mix).

So, I thought I would share a few scrap layouts that I did last night. They are NOTHING special. I decided to try Project 365 again this year, with much less pressure than last year. Like Project 300 something instead. I started late, so the first one is of just misc dates.

Off to TRY to get some sleep now I guess! We'll see!


Beck said...

Ugh! Hope you got a little shut-eye before driving to GR. I like your project and will hold your feet to the fire if you try to give up on it again... your pictures are too good to miss! :) I love the one of the kids with Dexter. So sad, but so sweet.

Sarah said...

God is just preparing you for the many sleepless nights you'll have when my little girl is born. Don't worry- if you don't nurse, I'll take my turn with my "namesake" so you can sleep.

MandaKay said...

Oh man - I hope you started sleeping better - always need sleep before a new baby!!!