January 11, 2009


This weekend we went up to Great Wolf Lodge with Matt's mom. It was our Christmas present from her! It was a lot of fun! We didn't do much except hang out at the hotel and water park, in fact the only time we actually left the hotel was to go out for dinner on Saturday night! We hit the waterpark right away on Friday for a few hours. I didn't understand what the warning signs about the big bucket of water were for... subsequently Elliot and I immediately got dumped on! Learned that lesson quickly (luckily we weren't right under it...). Bailey went on some of the slides, a little timid at first, but she did it and then continued to do it all weekend long! Elliot quickly found that he LOVED the blue slide in the kids pool. I spent MANY hours there catching him off that slide, every five minutes we would take a break and sit and watch all the fools that stood under the bucket to get splashed! It was our routine! Saturday we went to the pool right after breakfast for a little bit, took a break for lunch and Matt took the older two kids back while Elliot and I took a nap. We went out for dinner, hung out in the room for a bit, and then at 9 we went back to the park until they closed! (Late nights for little E, but he did GREAT, aside from the cold that he got on Friday night). This morning we were up around 8:30, at the waterpark at 9:30, in the room by 10:30 and checked out by 11 and on our way home.
(Just a note about the pictures... the lighting is TERRIBLE in that whole place, so some of the pictures had to be adjusted a lot (I'm learning to LOVE RAW though), some just couldn't me fixed enough (like the first one that I had to make b&w)!)

And, some pics of Dex and the kids on Friday...


S Huiz said...

For some reason, I am crying seeing the kids with Dex. :-(

The pictures you took were awesome! Great job esp. for having low-lighting!!!!! And are you sure you're pregnant? Great shot of you and E by the pool!!! SKINNY!

Ange said...

Ugh, I can't handle the Dex pictures...so sweet!

I am really glad you guys had fun, and I agree with the whole lighting thing...it is terrible! I think it is because of all the heat lamps that go on and off.

MandaKay said...

So sorry about Dex - you got some great final pictures though.

Looks like Great Wolf was fun!!!

Bobbie Jo said...

Really fun pictures, I love the ones with Dex! Can you pass this along to Landon...."I love the haircut!"